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MAC Address Troubleshooting

Hi all

I'm after a bit of help regarding mac addresses on  an appliance running R80.20.

I have 2 devices in a VSX cluster and they are LACP connected to 2 CIsco 9K's running VPC. The patching is full mesh. There is a single VPC towards one of the Checkpoint appliances and another VPC towards the other.

On the Cisco switches I am seeing the following mac address coming from our ISP on both switches:


This is fine and makes sense 🙂

On the Cisco switches, I am also seeing the following mac address coming from the Checkpoint appliances and it seems to flap between each one but is never seen via both at the same time.


I have gone onto both Checkpoints, and in every VS issued the following command:

netstat -an | grep 02

I see nothing remotely close to the above mac addresses in the output on either of the appliances.

I have also trawled the configuration and there is no static reference and I have looked at all interfaces on the appliances and none have even a similar address.

Can anyone point me to some commands that might help, or, even offer up what may be going on here. It seems a little too coincidental to not be related to the ISP mac address, but on the same hand, I can't find any reference.

Many thanks



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