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Log Retention Periods

Hi Checkmates,

i have simple question from customer who have big experience using pan. he asked me about how he can check log retention on each check point firewal or log retention on management server.

in paloalto, he always using "show system logdb-quota" to check log retention.. how about check point, do check point have capabilities like that? 

Just checking on old checkmates thread, but there is no specific answer similar with my customer question


the output from pan :

Disk usage:

Traffic: Logs and Indexes: 1.1G Current Retention: 181 days

threat: Logs and Indexes: 3.5G Current Retention: 854 days

system: Logs and Indexes: 2.1G Current Retention: 1350 days

config: Logs and Indexes: 1.3G Current Retention: 1323 days




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Log retention is configured on the relevant log/management server object in SmartConsole.
It applies to all security and threat prevention logs generated by all managed gateways.

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