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Lightspeed Under the Hood TechTalk: Video, Slides, and Q&A

Here is the video recording:


Selected Q&A below.
Slides are attached.

What features does Lightspeed support on QLS/MLS appliances?

Currently, firewall only without VPN will be accelerated on the SmartNIC. Traffic that utilizes other blades will work the same as it does on other Quantum appliances without SmartNIC acceleration. We will share a list of working features in the initial phase with limitations. In later phases, we will support VPN acceleration and TLS encryption/decryption for SSL Inspection. We plan to support all features in Lightspeed.

Are the MLS appliances specific to Maestro?

QLS appliances can also be used with Maestro as well.

What code release do the QLS/MLS appliances run?

It will be the standard R81.10 release with a standard JHF in the first release, followed by R81.20.

Which QLS can be recommended as a replacement for a 5600?

QLS250 is the smallest appliance offered with the Lightspeed capability.

Are elephant flows an issue?

Firewall only elephant flows will not be an issue as it is accelerated in the SmartNIC.

When is VSX planned to be supported?

Target is Q3 2022.

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