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LOM Firmware Update via CLI

I have a few appliances that have older firmware and I'd like to update the firmware via command line.  I don't see anything in the LOM Management docs on how to do this via CLI.

I'd like to do this via CLI for a couple of reasons:

1) Latest version of Chrome refuses to connect due to (I'm on a Corp Managed Dev so limited ability to alter back compatibility):  


Unsupported protocol
The client and server don't support a common SSL protocol version or cipher suite

2) An older version of Firefox I keep around for this type of situation just displays a blank page where I should be presented the login page.

3) I really prefer to use CLI for automation purposes

Specific Model with this issue:  23500

Current Firmware: 3.14

Target Firmware: 3.39. (3.41 is totally broken for KVM capabilities)


Thanks for any insight on this issue.

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You should contact TAC - there is no CLI documentation except # show lom for firmware version.

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Similar problem here:

Some legacy (don't ask) customer owned 4800 appliances at a customer site have a non functional LOM Web UI.
So far, I've been unsuccessful to recover them by either resetting the LOM to factory defaults as detailed in sk127573
or uploading a newer firmware image via CLI (starting with 2.22 up to the current 2.8).

  • LOM access via http(s) impossible, connect succeeds but the webserver never delivers a response
  • LOM runs 2.02
  • "ipmitool bmc reset cold" does reboot the BMC, but does not have any effect on the behavior
  • During cold boot of the LOM, the appliance serial port is dead and the LOM does not seem to
    emit any of its boot messages there. After the LOM is back up one gets output from the appliance again...
  • "ipmitool fwup download ...." just dumps core without uploading any image
  • "ipmitool hpm" is not supported at all by the LOM
  • Reset to factory default according to sk127573 by issuing "ipmitool raw 0x2e 0x02" does not work.
    LOM only responds with IPMI code "c1" - command not supported
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I suspect the LOM has failed and needs to be replaced.
The 4800s are End of Support, however, so I doubt you could get an RMA on it.

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Yeah, thats what I thought beforehand. the 4k8 are EoS since 06/2022.

I poked a bit more, and an internal failure of some sort seems very probable, as the
LOM reponds with C1 to various commands it shoud know. And it seems its not the only

box showing these symptoms

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Hmm... can SSH be enabled on the LOM via IPMItool? Since the GUI is not operational, that would be the only possiblity (if supported at all) to get to the lom from remote.

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