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LDAP Account Unit Configuration for an AD domain

When configuring an LDAP account unit for Identity Awareness that is tied to a specific AD domain, what is the best practice for number of domain controllers to add?  Do I need to add all my domain controllers?  Or can I just do a limited subset?

For example, if I have 4 Domain Controllers in my main data centers, and then another 10 that are distributed at remote sites, do I need to add all 14, or can I simply point at the 4 in my datacenters?

The IA setup is with a dedicated PDP cluster that will then share identities with GWs as needed.  The PDP cluster (located in the main datacenters) is connected to Identity Collector servers that are in the main datacenters.  These identity collector servers are connected to all the domain controllers to pull the identities from the DC event logs.

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A subset with a proper PDP setup should be sufficient.
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