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Issues running SPLAT and Gaia on 2 appliances

Good morning all.

I have a Security Management Server (Smart-1 504) running SPLAT and a Gateway (4400) running Gaia. Are there any known problems running both appliances with different operating systems?

I've attempted to put the 4400 in production replacing a UTM-1 576 but ran into unresolvable DHCP forwarding. It would work on the physical interface but not on an sub-interfaces. I'm wondering if the 2 appliances and different operating systems contributed to this problem.

As an fyi, I will be replacing the Smart-1 504 with a Smart-1 405 that'll run Gaia.

Does anybody have any insight and experienced the DHCP forwarding issue?

Thanks in advance.


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Your management server and gateway can run on different operating systems, though R80.x versions will require Gaia.

DHCP relay is an OS feature that has nothing to do with the platform managing it.

For troubleshooting DHCP relay issues, you might want to start here: Troubleshooting DHCP Relay Issues 

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Make sure you read the various articles in SecureKnowledge very well. DHCP is handled differently by different Check Point versions.

So your old policy might not work if you update.

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