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Is there any step by step procedure on how to replace a defective member of a ClusterXL?

Is there a good document that shows on how to replace a defective member of a Cluster-XL?

  We are running Gaia R77.30. 

Thank you in advance. 

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Hi, that's a good question.

Off course, you should find in the ClusterXL R77 Admin Guide every parts of the big picture you need.

Waiting such documentation, I can propose you following steps (for High Availability or Load Sharing modes):

   > force fail-over to the functional Security Gateway

   > then: just prepare the new Security Gateway restoring every configuration needed

   > redo the SIC

   > ensure that you've configured ClusterXL as "Maintaining current active Cluster Member"

   > install policy and ensure you synchronization is working using "Making Sure that a Cluster is Working" chapter of the admin guide

   > test forcing fail-over o the new node

Hope that'll help.

Information Security enthusiast, CISSP, CCSP

Hi, Thank you Xavier. 

I will look into the Admin guide.

Thanks again. 


hey mate


I am looking do something similar but cannot find anything on the admin guide, mind sharing how you went about it and any info on how to get this done?


I am planning to replace 2200 however will not have physical access to the RMAed device as it is at remote location, I can get console connectivity and get remote hands helps if any network cables need to be connected .



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