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Replace Cluster Member 2200 (77.30)

Hi Community


I was looking for steps to replace a failed member in ClusterXL (1 SMS and 2 GW). We already have an RMA

I do not have a backup (config or snapshot) of the failed member.


I cannot find those steps in the R77 Guide and the sk160533 is like very generic . Can someone who has done this or has an idea kindly help list the steps , starting with connecting the new RMA to the console and then what needs to be done , right until adding it to the clusterxl and testing failover.


Help is much appreciated , thanks in advance.



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You need to take care of the following:

1. OS Networking config

2. Patching level


For the first, you can take CLISH config from the existing member and change the relevant parts: IP addresses, host name etc. Install the new RMA-ed machine and copy/paste the config into CLISH, then save config.

For patching, make sure the same Jumbo and other relevant hotfixes are installed on the new machine. 

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