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Interface mismatch and failover


i have 2 pair of checkpoint of in HA mode. I have 1 question, if i add one virtual interface on standby box n push policy will it failover and become active box ?


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Do you want it to fail over, because there are better ways of accomplishing this?

In terms of adding an interface without failover this would be the high-level way of doing it:

  1. Stop the clustering on Standby member
  2. Perform all operations on Standby member
  3. Perform all operations on Active member
  4. Perform all operations in SmartConsole
  5. Start the clustering on Standby member

Detailed guidance can be found in sk57100.

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Hello Ruan,

I just want to know will there be automatic failover as there will be config mismatch between. will standby firewall become active (as most recent updated config on standby fw).


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