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Identity Awareness Best Practices TechTalk: Video, Slides, and Q&A

Q&A is below the video.
Slides are posted at the end.

Is OIDC supported for integrations?

R&D are improving the integrations with external Identity Sources and Identity Providers and there are many changes coming soon. We will arrange a future session to cover OIDC and others. so we will be arranging a future session to cover OIDC and others.

Since the IP to user mapping are on the PDP tables, isn't the default timeout is 7 days ? But i saw Kerberos tickets is 10 hours.

The default TTL of an Identity Session is 12 hours, not 7 days.

How are Terminal Servers (multi-user hosts) handled?

For multi-user hosts, we recommend installing the Multi-User Host agent.

We have an AD on 2022, so we use identity awareness. we have a message on firewall that a secondary session request was received from the same Ip. This caused logout of the current session. How to solve that?

In most environments, Identity Awareness assumes that only one user is logged into a single machine. If another user logs in, or if there is activity under a system account, this can sometimes cause this issue. This can be adjusted per:

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