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IPS Geo Protection doesn't recognize the country


On freshly updated R80.40 there is some issue with Geo Protection. We have added Poland as source country in one of ours security rules and one address is blocked, but it should not be.

Let's take for example following IP: Acording to this sk94364 it's "value" used in the IpToCountry.cvs is: = 20 + 19 * 256 + 36 * 256*256 + 194 * 256*256*256 = 20 + 4864 + 2359296 + 3254779904 = 3257144084

In IpToCountry.cvs (it was updated automatically few hours ago) it shows correctly as Poland:


At that IP is Poland, too. So everything seems ok, but unfortunately it is blocked by "Geo-location inbound enforcement" although all traffic from Poland is allowed. In default geo policy we only block some countries and all others are allowed (default policy for other countries is allow).  In logs there is no even the flag in front of that IP (as it always should be). It seems like it's unrecognized country and ... that's why blocked :-(.


Any ideas?

Best regards


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