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How to take snapshot of firewalls under VSX

How to take snapshot of firewalls under VSX. we have vsx setup under that there are four firewalls.


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You can create snapshots via Clish: add snapshot __SHORT__ desc "__DESCRIPTION__"

You can see all snapshots with: show snapshots

You can see details of a snapshot with: show snapshot __SHORT__

Be aware if your file system is XFS. I am not sure, but this seems to be the default since R81. We had the problem that the snapshot produces a very high load with normal disks leading to a VSX node becoming unavailable and losing connections (load rises from below 5 to far above 30 on a 32 core machine). Such, we are producing snapshots only during maintenance windows after moving all VSes to another node.

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Further to @Oliver_Fink guidance make sure you also have recovery points for the Managment server for the same point in time.

Refer also: sk100395, sk101515


To directly address a potential point of confusion, a VSX box is a single firewall. One operating system, one set of logical volumes. It just has multiple VRFs.

Snapshots are an OS-level thing. Since all the VSs on a VSX box are running under the same OS, a snapshot covers all of them.

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