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High Physical memory utilization on active cluster

Hi All,

From last 3 days, we are getting high physical memory utilization. CPU utilization is normal.

On further check VPND service is utilizing high memory to 24% 


Output :

free -m 

total used free shared buff/cache available
Mem: 15695 11582 1953 4 2158 3124
Swap: 18394 616 17777


Can some one please assist

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When did you first notice the issue, were there any changes done before the issue occurred? you can use sk163804 to check cpview history and see when did this first occur.

- If CPview is turned on, please use sk101878 and run # cpview -s export , to export the cpview file.

- Please collect # cpinfo , from the affected GW 


Open a TAC ticket with the above information, they will view this and get back to you

Also please make sure the latest JHF is updated 

I was not sure of the version of OS to suggest the relevant one

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