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HTTPS Inspection on LAN

Hi Community,


We have a couple of 5200 Security Gateways, working in ClusterXL mode (Active/passive).

These are used in our internal LAN, to enforce access control policies. Software blades activated are Application Control, Identity Awareness, and Threat Prevention (IPS).

Policies validates that users (acccess role, Lan segment, hosts), ... can access various services like servers, applications, printing system, VoIP... on different vlans...

I wonder if it makes sense to activate HTTPS inspection (and also URL filtering and Content Awareness).

Can it be benefic to limit risks on our internal network ?

Note that Internet access is filtred/decrypted by our perimetric FW.

Thanks for your advices,

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URL Filtering only makes sense for Internet-based traffic.
Content Awareness...depends on your use case.
Likewise, with HTTPS Inspection...depends precisely on what you're hoping to see that you're not seeing. 

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