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Gaia Health Check Script v7.13 released

Check Point released v7.13 of it's Gaia Health Check Script

Also available as SmartConsole Extension!

Script author: @Nathan_Davieau (LinkedIn profile)
QA Director: @Barak_Ran (LinkedIn profile)

What's new:

  • R81 support added

What's missing:

  • RAID checks for all Check Point Appliance types (not just Smart-1 appliances)
  • improved handling of Secondary Management-HA servers (currently shows a warning for API Management status)
  • many checks listed in Check Points Professional Service health check (sample report)
  • USFW best practices checks as described in sk167052
  • checks from Check Points performance investigation procedure (sk167553)

Known issues:

  • ClusterXL failover check relies on "show routed cluster-state detailed" and greps for "Cluster State Change History". Due to changed output of this command in recent R80.x  versions this check should be revised (Recommendation: cphaprob show_failover as used in ccc)


Package Link Date script v7.13 30October2020


nc -z -w 3 443; if [[ $? -eq 0 ]]; then curl_cli -o healthcheck.tmp -f -s -k ""; l=`grep "HashKey" healthcheck.tmp | head -n1 | awk '{print $3}' | sed 's/href="//' | sed 's/">//'`; s=`echo $l | awk -F/ '{print $6}'`; curl_cli -o -f -s -k $l; if [[ `md5sum | cut -d " " -f1` == $s ]]; then chmod +x; ls -la; else echo "MD5 hash mismatch of Gaia healthcheck script. Aborting."; rm; fi; rm -f healthcheck.tmp; else echo "No HTTPS access to for script download -> see sk83520"; fi

Script CLI Output - Management

Category Title Result
System Uptime OK
OS Edition OK
Disk Space Free Disk Space OK
Memory Physical Memory OK
Swap Memory OK
CPU CPU idle% OK
CPU user% OK
CPU system% OK
CPU wait% OK
CPU interrupt% OK
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Just testing healthcheck 7.13  in a gateway with mgmt plane separation I have noticed that ntpstat fails due to the fact that it is not run in the "mplane".

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