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Does anyone have tried to bonding interface checkpoint security gateway with mode LACP

Hi All,


i have concern to implementation LACP on Security Gateway.


the concern is should i must set target of bonding interface security gateway has applied LACP or no?



there is one cluster with 2 member:

let's say FW1 and FW2, under this cluster there is an IPS dedicated with HA.


If FW1 has bonding eth3 - eth4 and another side FW2  has bonding same interface like FW1.

The question is, should i must set LACP on Mcafee or if Mcafee don't support LACP, can i use switch to receive interface LACP from cluster checkpoint and then from switch go to Mcafee1 and 2.


Hopefully my explanation is clear, if not i will send that topology.

Note: i have tried this mode between 6800 appliance series with standalone configuration and connected to 1800 appliance quantum spark, two this appliance has applied  LACP configuration.


Thanks Regards

Dio Aditya Pradana


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LACP is common for load-sharing type Bonds (amongst other available modes) but you should align the configuration with what the adjacent device supports/expects 


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