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Created new network showing unreachable



On existing Checkpoint Virtual system with BGP Connection towards Cisco NSX  we have created new logical interfaces for new customer's towards Cisco NSX. 

eBGP is running between checkpoint VS and Cisco NSX i am able to learn the network advertised by NSX and i am seeing the routes in checkpoint VS routing table, Same route has beed advertised to Cisco ACI which backbone but i am able to receive the traffic from NSX from new network and traffic passed checkpoint to ACI , i am seeing return traffic from ACI to Checkpoint VS but when it received CP VS it doesnot know the destination network the network showing unreachable , but its is learned from Cisco NSX and listed in routing table as active route.

Can anyone here helpout here? Anti spoofing is not enabled on the interfaces there is no VLAN or IP overlapping.





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What version/JHF level?
Might be good to get the TAC involved.

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Version R80.10

JHF Take 212


Checkpoint TAC already involved , they asked capture pcap files in all the interafces shared the info waiting for their reply.

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