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CoreXl vs. dynamic dispatcher

Hi mates,


can someone explain how we should successfully deploy dynamic dispatcher in R81+ ? We recently built new VE checkpoints R81.10, we had dynamic dispatcher on (which was default) and verified using the command: fw ctl multik dynamic_dispatching get_mode and coreXl off. After policy pushed and blades enabled, the firewall had only one FWD instance! on a 6 cpu box. and that core was running at 100% and dropping traffic. 


After enabling CoreXl with 4 cores and rebooting, everything went smooth again, but I suspect we have now lost the "dynamic" scaling of firewall workers by doing so.  The documentation doesn't specify the corexl requirements of dynamic dispatcher whether it should be on or off, its also difficult now with corexl on to understand if dynamic dispatcher is providing any function.



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