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ClusterXL - BFD (Bidirectional Forwarding Detection)

We have tried to enable BFD support between a Cluster (ClusterXL) and a ThirdParty.

While this seems to work well for non-clusters, when setup on a cluster, it is using the physical IP for the active cluster member instead of the VIP. The third party has our VIP defined on their side.

Does anyone know how to force BFD to use the VIP configured on a clustered gateway? 

The gateway are currently running R80.20 with plans to upgrade to R80.30 by months end.


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I am not sure, but...


As the admin guide for R80.30 describes, i don't think you cannot configure the VIP for this. The admin guide describes the following:


From R80.20, the Gaia OS supports Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD). See RFC 5880 and RFC 5881 for more information.

In a ClusterXL High Availability mode, only the Active member sends and accepts BFD packets.

ClusterXL Standby cluster members do not send or accept BFD packets. They treat all their peer cluster members as reachable.






Make sure you don't have a "no NAT rule" in place on NAT policy.   Another option is to add a rule at the top of NAT policy that says:
Original Source: <group_of_firewall_physical_IPs>
Original Destination: <network_or_IPs_of_BFD_peers>
Original Service: <bfd_service>

Translated Source: <new_node_object_of_cluster_IP>
Translated Destination: Original
Translated Service: Original

This rule will ensure the BFD traffic get hidden behind the cluster.  You may need to remove the old connection once the NAT is in place.  BFD is working on my physical clusters.


Hi All,

So this works perfectly with VSX cluster is it? As it will have only one IP for all the cluster members?

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Correct.  You just put in your peers on the firewall to monitor.  The peers need to configure the HA (single) IP of the firewall.  Only the active member will speak BFD, but you need to configure both sides for failover.

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Thank you Brain, will replicate the config in all the VSX cluster members for failover and as suggested this is the single IP and VSX has one IP we will try to implement and see the outcome.

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