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Cluster Performance Question

Hi all,

I seem to recall hearing some time ago that there was a performance hit for the more cluster members you added to a cluster.  Is this still an issue in R80.30?  (or was it ever an issue?!)

I have a cluster of two gateways, and want to add a 3rd cluster member in my DR site, so all the interfaces would be trunked via a 10gb circuit between the main office and the DR site, and the ISP can route the public IP's to the DR site if the primary site went down.  Latency over the circuit is very low.  Are there any other performance type issues that might trip me up?


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I would rather assume that what you remember is mainly valid in LS clustering for the pivot member, as we read in ClusterXLAdvanced TechnicalReference Guide :

In ClusterXL Load Sharing mode, configuring more than 4 members significantly decreases cluster performance due to amount of Delta Sync.

CCSE CCTE SMB Specialist

The performance hit is mainly relevant in Load Sharing clusters, not Active/Standby/Standby configurations.
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As @PhoneBoy has already said, this is no problem with a HA ClusterXL. We have it with several customers so in use.

Note only the time of the ccp packets. It should be only 100 ms.

Furthermore I would not enable the encryption of ccp packets at R80.30 if you use 3 gateways.

More read here:

R80.30 ClusterXL CCP Encryption 

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