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Checkpoint UTM-1 130 Upgrade

Hi everyone.


I was just after a bit of advice in terms of best practice for upgrading a number of UTM-1 130 devices that currently have firmware version R75.10 installed. I've been informed by our firewall management support company that as this is way over end of life, I need to upgrade these devices (approx 30) to R75.40, which will then allow them to install Gaia and therefore can be supported with R80.20 manager.


As we are going ahead with the changes, I was thinking whether it's worth replacing the whole hardware and upgrading to something like 3100 series model.


Thoughts and advice would be very much appreciated.


Many thanks

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The UTM-130s have been end of life for a while also.
You are far better off replacing these appliances with newer ones.

I doubt if the 130 has enough power to run R80.x0 at all, same as the Nokia IP260 (about the same config).
Replacing them with 3100 or 3200 is your best bet, also due to the least amount of work, just replace the unit and the upgrade is done.
Regards, Maarten


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