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Checkpoint Infinity

Hi All,

I was exploring about checkpoint infinity , I understand that it is the consolidated security architecture and provides the central management and visibility of all security solution under unified platform but I am confused regarding its implementation.

Is checkpoint cloud service and accessible using infinity portal only ?

Or Checkpoint Infinity is separate installation package like SmartConsole where we integrate all the security solutions /products in our infrastructure ?

Or we would integrate all the security solutions /products in SmartConsole and then referring to it as checkpoint infinity ?

I want to know about practical implementation of checkpoint infinity. Please guide.

Is there any admin guide for same ? Is there any way to take trial of this solution ?


Thanks & Regards,

Jaspal Singh

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This is from CP Product Catalog :

Eligible Customers - Check Point Infinity Total Protection (ITP) is offered to any new or existing Check Point customer from 500 employees and up. The license is offered to the enterprise and its employees only (up to total number of employees and licensed users) and cannot be offered as part of a managed service.
ITP is offered to the entire enterprise workforce, and priced per user.

Security Appliances and Hardware Offering - The customer is entitled to utilize Security Appliances and accessories (according to their list price and the technical workshop) up to 50% of his total investment per year. Utilized investment is annual and must be utilized within the relevant subscription year.

Period of supported products - All security appliances (hardware) products are supported by Check Point Infinity Total Protection for a period of 4 years. This is to enable our customer to always benefit from the newest and most advanced hardware to better protect their environment. All software products and services (e.g: OpenServer licenses) are valid only during the duration of the ITP contract. In case customers would like to extend this period, they can do so by paying separately for services and support.

Existing Check Point Customers - Existing Check Point customers may join ITP. The service and support covers only products installed as part of the Check Point Infinity Total Protection. Existing install-base will continue to require separate support and services.
Software products and licenses - All software products and services (e.g: OpenServer licenses, including perpetual blades) are valid only during the duration of the ITP contract.
Auditing and True-Up - Check Point keeps the right the audit the licensing and usage of customers. Customers should provide their current number of users per year to enable to adjust the renewal service costs accordingly.
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