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Changing management IP - changing appliance SIC


I would like to get yur ideas about the procedure for changing IP of management and reconnecting appliances to to it as smooth as possible.

I have procedure for changing IP address of management server (R77.30) - (I have made clone and changed IP according to the sk) and I have tested it (works fine). I also tested switching one appliance to new management IP (while the rest of appliances were still connected to old managemnt server) and everything works as expected.

My question is how to approach with changing management on remote appliances since when I try to connecto to new management (establish SIC) I get Outgoing Policy to the appliance and that policy disconnect me fro mhte appliance. It is not problem if you are on site, but for doing migration for remote sites where nobody skilled is on site is a problem.

What I am researching now is:

 1. Disconnecting appliance from central management, creating local policy for the appliance (14xx series) or EDGE and enabling remote access, establish SIC with new management

 2. Possibility of changinf Outgoing policy on the appliance to allow remote access to appliance

Which approach would be better? Are there any other possibilities for achieving migration from one management server ot another?

Many thanks for ideas, thoughts


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