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Design of new Smart-1 appliances

Check Point recently announced several new management appliances - 525, 5050, 5150.

Improved performance is always good, of course, but what about design of appliances?

Smart-1 Appliance | Check Point Software 

In my opinion they look very pale compared to 2xx, 3xxx, and 4xx Smart-1 appliances. The same as any other server. Even the front grill is not pink! Smiley Happy And this old-school logo as a cherry on the top. 

I think it is always good to know that you server rack looks cool. And it should be easier to convince a customer that a good-looking appliance is more powerful that just a standard grey box. Smiley Happy

Does anyone else cares about design of an appliance in their server room? 

What are you favorite appliances in terms of good look?

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