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Cannot Fetch License Information due to Network Error


I have 2 Gateways in a VSX Cluster , recently i am facing the following error message on the standby member  after enabling Antibot and Antiviris Blades - "Cannot Fetch License Information due to Network Error..."  & "Error -update failed contract entitlement check failed..could not reach", however the gateway is connected to internet and license is also intact . I changed the member to Active and then ran curl_cli -v and the updates were successful and the error removed , however when i switched it back to standby the same error reappeared. 

I am running a similar setup on two other gateways under same internet connection but both the gateways are working fine.

How can i resolve this... Please help.


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I tried the first 3 points in the SK but Still no success.. i am worried about what actually point no. 4 does .. will it impact the http.https.dns connections for the hosted servers as well ? is there any change to loose connectivity in production environment because of this ?
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Is this happening on VS0 or another VS? Have you tried running tcpdump/fw monitor on the standby VS to find our what exactly is happening with regards to NATting the outgoing traffic initiated by the standby cluster member?

I was facing the same issue and in my case setting fwha_arp_fwd_ccp_via_sync_if to "1" did the trick. You need to set this in VS0.

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