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Can the cluster IP be changed after FW go live

Hi, I made a mistake, the cluster IP of FWs and the FW host IPs are not in same subnet. the cluster IP is  virtual IP of the port 0/1, which is our WAN exit also. the FW Host IPs are the actual IP for port 0/2, which is our LAN interface. We also built a IPsec between port 0/1 and 3rd party at external Internet. I'd like to check 

- can this cluster IP be changed to virtual IP of port0/2

- if can, any impact to our existing IPSec VPN tunnel. And How I get it changed to virtual IP of port0/2.


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You can change it, yes, but it's going to require an outage since changes of this nature will be disruptive.
The IPs of the individual cluster members must be adjusted in Gaia OS and in the cluster object in SmartConsole afterwords.
If you're adjusting the cluster IPs, that has to be done in SmartConsole in the cluster object.
If you're converting a gateway IP to a cluster IP, change it on the gateway OS first.

For VPNs, you'll have to coordinate with the remote end to ensure they are connecting to the correct IP.
Depending on your Link Selection settings in the cluster object, you may need to adjust the IP used here as well.

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