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Bypass card status check

Hi all,

         In sk85560, it refer to that we can used "fwfonic_bypass [interface name] status" check bypass status.

(V) Using the Bypass Interface

The Bypass feature works automatically, and normally there is no need for the administrator to manually change the Bypass Card's state. Nevertheless, using the fwfonic_bypass script, administrator can manually activate/deactivate Bypass functionality, and also check the current Bypass status:


[Expert@HostName:0]# fwfonic_bypass {<bypass_interface_name> | all} {on | off | status}


  • [Expert@HostName:0]# fwfonic_bypass eth1-01 status
  • [Expert@HostName:0]# fwfonic_bypass all on

Note: <bypass_interface_name> is the name for the master interface of the bypass pair.

Status Response Explanation:

Disabled = Fail-open card is not configured to operate in fail open mode.

Off = Fail-open card is configured, but is currently offloading traffic to the firewall for inspection.

On = Fail-open card is configured and is in fail-open mode, passing traffic without inspection.

As the capture screen, I found it appear one bypass interface eth02-01, but eth2-01 and eth2-02 is a pair of bypass interface we used. Is it normal? Thx!


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