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Block File upload to cloud storage


We move from an McAfee Proxy to Checkpoint (transparent proxy) and I have to block the possibility to upload files to any cloud storage providers (Google Drive, Dropbox... a.s.o).. I've tried it with the application control and block for example Dropbix with the attached rule (this also wont work).. but I have to block all storage provider.. is there a way to do this?



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Some of these applications require enabling HTTPS Inspection.

Have you done that in this case?

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You may get some of it done without HTTPS inspection by looking at the Certificates.

Application & URL Filtering => Advanced => Engine Settings:

Make sure you enable Categorize HTTPS sites if you do NOT enable HTTPS inspection!

And make sure you do NOT use it if you use HTTPS inspection!

But keep in mind that there is no way to distinguish between Google Drive, YouTube or any other Google service as they all use the same certificate. (Rather cheap Google!)

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