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Black screen during Gaia install

Hello, I am trying to install Gaia R80.30 on Dell OptiPlex 780 (4GB Ram, 500GB HDD, two Intel 100/1000 Nic)

Boot from the DVD iso works and I get the following screen: “Welcome to Check Point Gaia R80.30”.

I choose “Install Gaia on this system” and I get a black screen with the cursor on the top left, a min or two later the hard drive and the DVD stops working and the system hangs in this state. No errors or any messages.

That computer works well with other operating systems, so I do not think it’s a hardware issue. Any idea what can be done in order to complete the Gaia install?

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We only support hardware on this list:
This is not on this list, and as such is not guaranteed to work.
Newer hardware requires the Linux 3.10 kernel versions to operate and it's not clear if you're installing as a gateway, where the 3.10 version isn't yet available, or management, where the 3.10 version is what we ship with.
In either case, you'll definitely want more RAM.


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