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Automatically sync AD with SmartEndpoint R80.20

Hello everyone,

I currently have a problem with a customer where the Active Directory does not automatically sync with their SmartEndpoint R80.20. Users created after the setup do not appear in the Users and Computers tab.

I found the sk102656 that says that the issue was fixed with the R80.10 update but does not seem to work for them.

So before going too far, I'd like to know :

- If I go through the "Express Setup Wizard" again by linking the AD to the SmartEndpoint, it will work without any issue (OU or account duplication for example).

- If I can rollback changes if anything goes wrong ?


Thanks for you answers 🙂

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sk102656 only applies to Identity Awareness on Security Gateways, not on Endpoint Management.
This suggests a different issue (possibly bug) that the TAC should probably investigate.
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