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Are Falcon Acceleration Cards still a thing?

We all heard of the Falcon Acceleration Cards a few years ago with the launch of R80.20 but since then it's very silent around those Cards and also all SKs can't be viewed anymore (at least at "Advanced" level). 

Does anybody know if we will see such cards again or if the approach is dead at Check Point? I think all other major Firewall companies use some kind of ASIC/FPGA in their appliances (and there's no option of OpenServer). Any official comment on that or some speculations?



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Along those lines, we did announce during CPX some low-latency options are forthcoming.
You may wish to review the following:


I actually saw that video a few weeks ago but I haven't noticed the very small hint that there might be something with an acceleration card. Looking forward to that and hopefully that will make it's way to smaller appliances as well. That would also make the appliances much more attractive and would make us finally switch to them from Openservers.

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