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Active cluster member sending CCP UDP-8116 packets to the non-cluster device

Hi All,


Issue: Active Gateway sends CCP UDP-8116 packets to the non-cluster device

Setup: Distributed HA

Version: R80.30

Hotfix: Take 139

Scenario: There are two clusters in the environment

Site A: Eth1: Virtual IP:
Member 1 :
Member 2 :

Site B: Eth1: Virtual IP:
Member 1 :
Member 2 :

-We are getting the UDP 8116 packets from the Site B Active member towards this IP which is unused IP.
-In Site A CCP protocol enabled as Broadcast and in Site B CCP protocol enabled as Unicast
-As we verified in the support center we are able to find this article sk44177
-In this article it has mentioned This can happen when a CCP packet is wrongly directed to the machine by a router, or by another cluster on the same network that uses CCP protocol in Broadcast mode
-Also mentioned to enable the kernel parameter from 0 to 1:

#fw ctl set int fwha_suppress_port_8116 1

-As of now in both the clusters the value of above parameter is 0.

-Where we need to enable this parameter on Site A or Site B?





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Switch Site A cluster to unicast

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