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Support Email-based OTP DynamicID on 1500/Spark?

Is it possible for the locally managed 1500/SMB/Spark lineup to support email-based OTP w/ DynamicID?

SMS OTP support on locally managed 1500/Spark was added last year, but since then many SMS API providers have locked down their systems and/or raised prices due to tightened regulations. In 2020, few supported the SMS API required by DynamicID to begin with.

With email-based OTP on locally managed devices, we could use existing ($0) email gateways for VPN OTP auth, especially for those of us who lack central management & its full MFA support.

Both were already supported on full-sized Gaia as "DynamicID", maybe as far back as R77. So basically most of the code could be reused.
Lastly, I requested this feature last year via the RFE form, and as recently as last week the TAC confirmed it was not on the Dev roadmap for 1500/SMB/Spark.
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As you point out, it's an RFE.
I would encourage you to reach out to your local Check Point office related to this requirement.

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  • Our Check Point SE said post on this forum hoping a Developer would see it.
  • He also said if I just submitted another RFE that it would carry higher weight than him submitting it.

Is there a better process for RFEs?

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Better than ?

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Hi G W,

Past experience, including at a Fortune 50 customer, has been the RFE submissions go into a "black hole" and are never to be heard from or seen again. When I previously tried it last year for this issue, I did not even get a ticket number or confirmation email.


Before requesting help on this forum, the TAC tried to locate submitted the RFE and recommended escalating to my SE. The SE in turn recommended posting on this forum with the last-ditch hope that a Check Point Dev would read the post.


As a result, our subscription renewal is on this horizon, and we are considering switching to Palo Alto Networks.


What do you recommend?

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Epsum factorial non deposit quid pro quo hic escorol.

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