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SMB 1500 appliances - EA program for next release

Hi All,

We’re about to begin an EA program for our next release, R80.20.10, of the new SMB 1500 appliances

See below the list of the main features:

  • VPN 2FA – only SMS
  • Geo protection
  • Default firmware definition
  • SMP Cluster
  • POP3s\ IMAPs
  • SNMP TRAP VPN monitoring
  • APN with User and Password

If you have one of the 1500 devices and you wish to participate, please send a mail to with the list of the features you would like to test, so I’ll be able to add you to the EA program and send you the firmware once it’s available.

Please note that this is only a Beta version.


Zachi Schnieder

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Nice, a lot of nice features! Geo protection with updatable objects ?

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Epsum factorial non deposit quid pro quo hic escorol.

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