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R81.10.05 Centrally Managed Advanced Settings

Find here all R81.10.05 Centrally Managed Advanced Settings:

Attribute Name Type Value Description        
Acceleration Settings - Acceleration state enabled bool true Indicates whether acceleration is enabled    
Additional Management Settings - Move temporary policy files to storage bool false Indicates whether the temporary policy installation files will be saved to the storage partition
Administrators RADIUS authentication - Default Shell options Clish Default shell for super administrators. To enable this feature please contact Check Point support.
Administrators RADIUS authentication - Local authentication (RADIUS inaccessible) bool false Perform local administrator authentication only if RADIUS server is not configured or is inaccessible.
Anti ARP Spoofing - Anti ARP Spoofing mode options Off Mode for Anti ARP spoofing protection. The protection can be turned off, on or in detect only mode
Anti ARP Spoofing - Detection window time to indicate attack int 180 Time period (in seconds) during which IP addresses, assigned to the same MAC address, indicate an ARP spoofing attack
Anti ARP Spoofing - Number of IP addresses to indicate attack int 3 The number of IP addresses assigned to the same MAC address during the Detection window time that will indicate an ARP spoofing attack
Anti ARP Spoofing - Suspicious MAC block period int 1800 Time period (in seconds) during which suspicious MAC addresses are kept in the blocked list
Cluster - Restart the routed process upon failover bool false Indicates if the main routing process is restarted upon cluster failover. This is more stable behavior but it prevents some features like graceful-restart for BGP and OSPF. Cluster must be re-configured for this setting to take effect. After re-configuring the cluster, all local cluster settings are reset to their defaults.
DHCP relay - Use internal IP addresses as source bool false Indicates if DHCP relay packets from the appliance will originate from internal IP addresses
Hotspot - Enable portal options Disabled Select 'Disabled' to disable the hotspot feature entirely  
Hotspot - Prevent simultaneous log-in bool false The same user will not be allowed to login via hotspot portal from more than one machine in parallel
IP Resolving - IP Resolving Activation options Enabled Enable / Disable IP Resolving logs enrichment  
IP Resolving - IP Resolving TTL int 3600 The time (in seconds) for which the hostname resolution will be used
Internet - Path MTU Discovery Mode options Path MTU Discovery Mode - Disabled Set Path MTU Discovery Mode (disabled, oneshot or daemon) for cellular connection
Internet - Reset Sierra USB on LSI error bool true Indicates whether Sierra type USB modems will be reset when they send an Invalid LSI signal
IoT Stats - IoT Stats Activation options Disabled Enable / Disable IoT collecting statistics    
MAC Filtering settings - Log blocked MAC addresses options Enabled Indicates if blocked MAC addresses should be logged or not
MAC Filtering settings - Log suspension int 1 Indicates the suspension time (in seconds) between logs for blocked MAC addresses
Multiple ISP Route Refresh - Multiple ISP Route Refresh mode bool false Indicates whether acceleration will refresh route in multiple ISPs configuration
OS advanced settings - Cellular Backoff Algorithm Mode options Auto Set cellular backoff algorithm mode (auto, force-disable or force-enable). When in auto mode, backoff algorithm will only work for Rogers cellular carrier.
OS advanced settings - Cellular Network options Auto Select the preferred cellular network mode - Auto, 4G only or 3G only
OS advanced settings - Cellular connection establish timeout int 60 Indicates the timeout in seconds to wait for cellular connection to succeed
OS advanced settings - Cellular modem detection timeout int 120 Indicates the timeout in seconds to wait for the cellular modem to be detected
OS advanced settings - Disable transfer of DHCP options from WAN to LAN bool false Specifies whether transfer of DHCP options from WAN to LAN is disabled
OS advanced settings - Drop cellular outbound packets if the source IP is mismatched bool false Drop cellular outbound packets if their source IP is not the interface IP
OS advanced settings - Enable LAN on WAN bool false Specifies whether LAN-on-WAN feature is on  
OS advanced settings - Enable Wi-Fi Monitors bool false Specifies whether Wi-Fi monitors are on    
OS advanced settings - Enable automatic Wi-Fi channel change bool false Specifies whether Wi-Fi switches channels automatically during operation
OS advanced settings - Enable destination check on PPPoE bool false Specifies whether PPPoE destination check is enabled  
OS advanced settings - Enable flow-control for network switch bool false Indicates if flow-control is enabled for network switch  
OS advanced settings - IPv6 prefix selection mode options Router preference - oldest Set the IPv6 prefix selection mode - in dynamic IPv6 Internet connections.
OS advanced settings - Reset cellular modem if not detected bool true Indicates whether to reset the cellular modem if it fails to be detected
OS advanced settings - Use secondary MCCMNC file bool false Set the use of the secondary MCCMNC file to automatically configure the APN from the extended secondary list.
OS advanced settings - Use unique ICMP ID bool false Use unique ICMP ID per destination in connection monitoring
Operating system - General temporary directory size int 20 Controls the size (in MB) of the temporary directory that is used by the system
Privacy settings - Proactive collection of device details bool false Proactively collect information on devices connected to the local network, which will be displayed in the Active Devices page
Privacy settings - Share device information with IoT cloud bool false Share device information with IoT cloud in order to enforce policy based on IoT profiles
Report Settings - Max period options Weekly Maximum period to collect and monitor data in central management. You must reboot your appliance to apply changes.
Serial port - Enable serial port options Enabled Indicates if the serial port is enabled    
Serial port - Port speed options 115200 Indicates the port speed (Baud Rate) of the serial connection
USB modem watchdog - Interval int 5 Indicates how often the USB modem watchdog probes the internet
USB modem watchdog - Mode options Disabled Indicates if the USB modem watchdog is enabled when internet probing is enabled, and the reset type (either hard-reset to shut down the power for the USB modem or gateway-reset to reboot the gateway itself).
USB modem watchdog - USB only bool false Monitor only USB modem connection    
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