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R80.20.50 Build 992002773

On August 2nd, R80.20.50 Build 992002773 was released.

Release Date 02 August 2022: First Release
Release Home page sk179654
Platform 1500 / 1600 / 1800
Release Highlights
  • Zero Touch - Added support for DMZ connection in Zero Touch and reduced fetch data time.
  • VoIP enhancements - Allows bidirectional traffic with the SIP service provider and extend SIP service timeout.
  • Flash Life span Notification. 
  • IPIP - Additional profile and HTTP updater support service.
  • One Touch - Support SFP-DMZ and VLAN in one touch flows.
  • Show routing configuration from Clish.
  • Improved Cluster stability in Locally Managed appliances.
Management Server version


About a month earlier, R81.10.00 firmware was released and stated:

R80.20.xx code base for 1500/1600/1800 Series Security Gateways will continue to be supported, in the near future – with further releases, and in the medium term – with stability, performance, and bug fixes only. As the majority of R&D efforts will now shift to R81.10 code base, we encourage our customers to start evaluating and migrating to the new code base.

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