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Quantum Spark 1500/1600/1800 appliances - R81.10.05 EA program

Hi All,

The EA firmware of Quantum Spark R81.10.05 is now available for tests, and we are looking for participants to join the EA program (locally, centrally managed and SMP).

This version includes many new and important features, along with stability and performance fixes and improvments.

Below is the list of planned features:

  • Configure Dynamic Routing using the WebUI (BGP + OSPF + route redistribution)
  • Official support for IPv6 
  • Smart Accel
    • By asset type
    • By MAC
    • UDP port acceleration for conference
  • Cluster
    • Scopelocal – set cluster using one IP
    • Cluster underload – avoid cluster failover underload
    • Easier cluster configuration – configuration sync between cluster members
    • Disable connection table sync
  • Support Harmony connect 
  • Ability to configure Default route on the LAN interface
  • Failover between LAN – WAN
  • SDWAN Centrally (as EA)
  • IoT for Centrally managed SMB
  • MFA
    • 2FA SMS open worldwide
    • 2FA Email Authentication
  • Auto SSL certificate update on locally
  • Cipher utility tool
  • Remote Access VPN – Strongswan
  • Updatable objects and FQDN in rule bases of locally managed mode (NAT/SSL/TP)
  • SSL inspection per device type
  • IDA collector for locally managed
  • TACACS+ authentication
  • Doctor SMB – new diagnostic tools available through the WebUI
  • Doctor Load – new diagnostic tool to monitor load and device’s performance
  • SSH inspection
  • Support IOC feeds (centrally managed)
  • Blade offline updates
  • Notifications
    • VPN Certificate expiration
    • VPN tunnel down/up
    • Partition full


If you are interested to take part in the EA program, please access the below link and update the short survey:

Once we’ll have the required info, we will contact you to continue the process.


Zachi Schnieder


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Still waiting for testing HW, but should come soon 😞

  • Official support for IPv6 

Will this include IPv6 prefix selection mode Advanced Setting ?

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Epsum factorial non deposit quid pro quo hic escorol.

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