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NAT servers are no longer working after the CP rebooted - 1500 series

Dear All,


We have about 10 WAN IPs obtained from ISP.


So we have a few servers using static NAT for mapping and internet users accessing.


There is a case that if the CP is rebooted, those servers will no longer accessible from the Internet.


However, internal users can still access the servers using WAN ip as the NAT loopback are already there.


Then we have to reboot the ISP modem ... and the CP again.


Well, sometimes might work back.


Might I know if there is any way to skip the rebooting ISP modem process even the CP is rebooted?

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Hi all,

One update. After 2 hours ~ might be the ISP modem arp table refreshed.

All NAT servers are now working fine.

But, I do hope if there is anything we can do to refresh it once the CP is rebooted.

As this is impossible to reboot ISP modem to trigger the arp refreshing manaully each time after the CP is rebooted.
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Is the static NAT automatic or manual ? 

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Should be static NAT automatic as far as I know,

I use the Server tap to create the NAT on that SMB CP.
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Next time you reboot that CP device issue 'fw ctl arp' command and see if all ARP mapping are in place. If they are there, then the problem is not in the CP device but rather in the ISP modem and you should ask ISP to fix it.


The ARP table on your ISP router should not need to be refreshed as the MAC should not have changed.
Best thing to do is record the output of fw ctl arp, tonight when business is closed, reboot the gateway and see how everything goes and compare the output of fw ctl arp, which should be exactly the same. If the list is empty push policy and open a case with CP TAC!
If there is a difference in macs shown in the output ==> Open a case with CP TAC!
When fw ctl arp shows the exact same information, and the problem reoccurs open a case with the ISP.
Regards, Maarten