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MAC address filtering 1600 appliance not working / workaround?

A customer asked if MAC address filtering would be possible with a 1600 appliance. A quick search returned this configuration guide. So I confirmed that it would be possible to filter MAC addresses with 1600 appliances and the customer ordered a couple of those.

It turns out that there is even an option to configure MAC filtering, but it's simply not working:


Check Point TAC tells that it's a known limitation and we need to wait for some newer firmware to get it to work. For 1500 appliances running on firmware R80.20.25 or later it's already working. Well, I didn't imagine a newer appliance would have less functionality than a previous one.

Maybe there is a workaround to filter MAC addresses directly on CLI? Any kind of iptables/netfilter kind of way? Customer is waiting for a working solution.

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You’ll also notice this feature (even on the 1500 series) is under a heading that says: “The following features are at an Early Availability (EA) level”
I presume we will add it to the other newer SMB appliances as well.

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Hi Danny

we have an EA image with this feature on 1600/1800

please drop me an email and I'll send you a link

Guys, if anyone else would like to run the EA firmware, please let me know.



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