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License info inconsistency

License info from WebUI:

License info from management server:

Noticed any difference? Smiley Happy

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Missing Identity Awareness and Advanced Networking/Clustering, which are "free" features.

It's also worth noting that these have been generally included with all licenses in the last decade or so, so they're not always called out.

Some legacy Open Server licenses may not include these features, but they definitely are on SMB.

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If you upgrade all the time you may find that you are missing licenses.

As I recall SecureXL was such feature that was silently added but was missing for some customers because they upgraded from pre SecureXL  times.

This is something to keep in the back of your head when you upgrade customers that have been upgrading licenses for many years.

It's usually something you can discuss with your SE and something can be arranged to remedy the issue but it's more a sales type of issue.

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My point was that there is inconsistency in reported info. Two vendor tools are showing different reports for same thing. That should not happen. 

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Consistency is definitely better Smiley Happy


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