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Internet Access from remote office routing SMB 700

In a SMB 700 Series, How to internet access from a Remote Office in a routing enviroment (no VPN) .

The remote office have a simple router and connect to the main office through data link. SMB appliance have the outgoing Internet

In the SMB appliance i write a static route to the remote office.


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In the 700 you need to create an access rule that allows the traffic, also make sure that the Hide NAT is enabled for this network (unless you have a gateway based NAT defined).

Now you need to add a route in the 700 for the other locations network with the routers IP as the next hop.

On the remote location you need to make sure that there is a default route to the central location, so the router in the remote location is the site's default gateway and in the link between remote and central there is also a default route pointing to the central site. Then last but not least the default from the router on the central site to the 700.

Regards, Maarten
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Does the data link to the remote office use one of the external interfaces (WAN or DMZ)?

It must be connected to a LAN interface (or DMZ configure as internal).


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