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How to change a gateway name when "automatic gateway creation" is enabled in the SMP Plan

Quantum Spark Cloud Management - Security Management Portal (SMP) offers the option to Allow automatic gateway creation  in a plan. A plan is a configuration template, which can be assigned to a Security Gateway. By default, automatically created gateways will receive a name based on their MAC address, i.e. gw7F95E81C

Check Point recommends using a naming convention. 
We highly recommend that you change the name of the Security Gateway to a unique value that is easily identifiable. If you use WatchTower to manage and monitor your Security Gateways, use of naming convention is also a best practice, to distinguish similar events from each other. This helps you to quickly understand which Security Gateway generated the event.

In the below example, we chose to use a naming convention based on Security Gateway type + locationgw-1590-gouda

SMP plan name1.jpg

Configuration guidelines

Security Management Portal, SMP

  1. In the SMP, navigate to Plan > Gateway Activation > Activation key.
  2. Select the check box Allow automatic gateway creation.
  3. The Activation key holds a "-", which means by default, the Security Gateway receives a name based on its MAC address.

SMP plan name2.jpg

4. To change the name, replace the "-" with the desired name. In this example we use the gateway type + location. Copy the activation key

SMP plan name3.jpg5. On the locally managed Security Gateway, navigate to Home > Cloud Services and enter the activation key for the desired name.


6. The gateway connects to the Spark Cloud Services and adds the Security Gateway in 3 steps in the SMP.

SMP plan name4.jpg

7. The gateway appears in the connected gateways section with the configured hostname.

SMP plan name5.jpg

Note - You cannot save the plan name with the desired name


Zero Touch 
1. You can also use this method for Zero Touch. Define the template with Reach My Device, RMD, SMP Activation Settings and the plan

SMP plan name6.jpg

SMP plan name7.jpg

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