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How to assign LAN interfaces to WAN interfaces [FleXi Ports] in Quantum Spark Appliances

Assignment of LAN interfaces to WAN interfaces [FleXi Ports] is supported starting in firmware  version R77.20.81 and higher. Up to 32 WAN connections are supported, depending on the hardware model of the Security Gateway used in the setup. For more information, see sk137212


With FleXi Ports, Check Point offers the ability to assign LAN interfaces as WAN interfaces.
The LAN interface [Ethernet] should be removed from the LAN1_Switch group before it can be assigned or used as a WAN interface.


hodesa-home>          show switch LAN1_Switch
name:                 LAN1_Switch
ipv6prefixLength:     64
mode:                 on
ports:                LAN1, LAN2, LAN3

hodesa-home> set switch LAN1_Switch remove port LAN3

hodesa-home> add internet-connection name ISP-AHO interface LAN3 type
bridge  - Bridge
dhcp    - DHCP
ds-lite - Dual-Stack Lite (DS-Lite)
l2tp    - L2TP
pppoe   - PPPoE
pptp    - PPTP
static  - Static IP

  • Multiple WAN interfaces (assigning LAN ports as WAN interfaces) are not supported for centrally managed gateways. 
  • Assigning multiple PPPoE Internet connections to a LAN port is currently not supported. Multiple PPPoE Internet connections can only be assigned to WAN/DMZ ports


1. Go to Device > Local Network > LAN1 Switch.


2. Remove the LAN 3 interface from LAN1 Switch group, and change its assignment to Unassigned.

3. Configure the interface as a separate network. In this case we choose dynamic IP address, DHCP. Static IP address is also an option as shown in the screenshot.

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