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Command Output "cpwd_admin list"

Dear colleagues:

I have a question. I currently have problems with appliance, which is presenting problems of access to navigation, I understand the high processing with which it has at times. When I run the command: "cpwd_admin list" I notice that "START" column varies between 2, 3, even 4, this when there are problems on the appliance. You can tell me which parameters indicates that you have an ID: 2, 3 or 4 on this output, when I understand that the normal operating output should be "1" and the STAT in "E". Attached images.

Waiting for your kind support.
Best regard
Martin Torres L
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Let me put this into the SMB forum where it belongs, as this version of cpwd_admin could only appear on the SMB appliances.

#START is the number of times the process has started since cpwd took control of the process per the following doc: Command Line Interface R77 

If the number is greater than 1, the process terminated for some reason and was restarted by cpwd.

Some debugging hints are listed here: ATRG: Gaia Embedded Appliances

It's possible you will need to engage with the TAC to understand why this is happening.

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