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Certificate Revoked error

Hi Checkmates,


I cannot login GUI dashbord, it gives "Certificate Revoked" error. when I check revoked certificate I saw that 7 of 27 certificate  was revoked.

  • cpca_client lscert -stat Revoked -kind SIC
  • cpca_client lscert -stat Valid -kind SIC

when I check the disk situation I saw log directory was full so that I removed old logs. disk situation is okay now but I still cannot login. Should I apply this SK?


Solution IDsk20905
ProductSecurity Management, Multi-Domain Management
Platform / ModelAll
Date Created02-Tem-2003
Last Modified10-Tem-2018
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You are using a SMB appliance ? R80.xx version ? If you have a working SMS snapshot/backup, there is no reason not to try sk20905.

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we are using 2x13800 (cluster) with R80.10 

management is virtual and it is on the vmware.  should I take snapshot of virtual machine memory also. what is the best way of snapshot?

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Have in mind that taking vmware snapshots of a log server can take a lot of space. The old logs are deleted and replaced by new ones, but the snapshot with the old logs will still be there, so at some point you'll have double the size or your /var/log partition.

If you have space, that's not a problem. Just account for that.

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