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1570 xDSL and LTE / VDSL2 SFP

Hello Guys,

I have a question regarding SMB. The customer wants 1570 with DSL and LTE as a backup or vice versa.

1. variant 1570 Wifi LTE with - VDSL2 SFP transceiver for 1570 and 1590 WiFi-LTE model with RJ45 to RJ11 cable. Does this SFP transceiver make DMZ port as DSL port for connecting DSL line? So internally you have LTE and also DSL connectivity as WAN?

2.  variant 1570 Wi-Fi and xDSL Security Appliance - with LTE modem as USB according to sk92809.

Many thanks

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Correct with R80.20.20 and above on select models:

SFP DSL - External DSL modem connected to the DMZ SFP port in non-VDSL 1570 / 1590 appliances.

Note only the Check Point branded VDSL SFP is supported here.