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1470 default settings

Hello All,

We we are trying to create a config script from USB, but what we have noticed is there is default IP addresses associated with different parts of the firewall config.

ie:- set dhcp server interface "LAN1:10" include-ip-pool ""

the above is created by default !!!

LAN1_Switch as its own default IP address

We created this script to remove the default IP associated with LAN1_Switch

delete interface LAN1_Switch
set interface LAN1 state off
set dhcp server interface LAN1 disable
set interface LAN1 ipv4-address mask-length 24

& probably more commands that we do not desire, which we have not noticed yet

As anyone come across this before, did you have to look through the config line by line & did you create a script to remove the default config, is this the quickest (only) way of remove surplice config !!


Thanks for your advice



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Please consult USB First Time Config using autoconf.clish files for details and remarks that maybe helpful !

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