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Check Point 1400 Appliance - FAQ

Author: Danny Jung

Q: What's the official product site ?
A: Check Point 1400 Appliance | Datasheet | Support Center

Q: What's the 1400 Appliance's SecureKnowledge article ?
A: sk110985 | Release Notes | Known Limitations

Q: Where can I find Getting Started Guides ?
A: Centrally Managed 1430 / 1450 Appliances | Centrally Managed 1470 / 1490 Appliances


Q: What's new ?
A: The Check Point 1400 Appliance series was introduced at the Check Point Experience 2016 in Nice, France and is the successor to the 1100 Appliance series. As such it features the best All-In-One NGF Enterprise-Class Security solution for Branch Offices. The 1400 Appliance integrates an 8/18-Port Switch (Layer 3, managed), DSL modem (Annex A/B), Next Generation Firewall (including a NAT Router, Threat Prevention, IPS, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Application Control & URL Filtering), Identity Awareness, Mobile Access, WLAN Router, Wi-Fi Hotspot, PoE and more. It also offers dynamic routing, quick deployment functions, 3G connectivity using a USB or Express Card support, multiple Internet connections, Policy Based Routing, DDNS (DynDns, No-IP), and more is planned with the upcoming firmware releases.

Q: How does it look like ?

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