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vpn client problem


vpnt client is connected successfully for  first attempt , but after i disconnect it and then connect,  it says Site is not responding,  

until  i don't  remove my configuration from vpn client soft and add it again , it is not working ,
But after remove and create again ,   it connects successfully  for first attampt

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I suspect link-selection and automatic change of IP address of the site being the problem.

Can you check the following:

1. Which IP or DNS are you connecting to, when creating the site? sk103440 - How to force Remote Access VPN Client to resolve DNS name of VPN Site at every connection

2. Is the IP you are using the cluster/gateway IP as configured in SmartConsole under General Properties of the object and through which interface are you connecting? Is this the same as the object IP. Also how is link-selection (under IPSEC VPN) configured? sk92716 - Clients are unable to connect after the first time and the site IP (on the client) changes...


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