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strongSwan - GUI - Network Manager - Username / Password

Instead of using strongSwan Command Line Interface (CLI), you can also use the Network-Manager-strongSwan Plugin to create a VPN Remote Connection to a Check Point Firewall. 

This is not an official guide. This is just a tutorial from my lab.

How to configure strongSwan, please see:




   Username / Password Authentication Gateway: - R81.20 JF 10 Linux Client: - Ubuntu 22.04 - strongSwan 5.9.5 - Network-Manager-StrongSwan 1.5.2



1) Install Network Manager strongSwan Plugin


   $ sudo apt install network-manager-strongswan


These packages are also needed to connect successfully


   $ sudo apt-get install libstrongswan-extra-plugins $ sudo apt-get install libcharon-extra-plugins $ sudo apt-get install strongswan


2) add the following to /etc/strongswan.conf


   charon-nm { load_modular = yes send_vendor_id = yes plugins { include strongswan.d/charon/*.conf attr { dns =, } } }


* charon-nm is

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